What Is Rippln? How Do We Get Paid….


“What is Rippln?” That is a great question!

This recent Rippln Founders Video gives us a pretty good perspective of the Rippln Corporate Vision.

Many thousands of people received invitations over the last week or so, from friends, to join Rippln. The buzz is about the potential to make money when the site goes live later this year.

It was Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Fame that first publicised the launch of Rippln, he posted this video of a Google Hangout, which featured Brian Underwood, Jonathan Budd and Russell Brunson, who seem to be the Founders of Rippln.

Rippln Founders Video

So, what is Rippln? It appears to be an MLM scheme, with two ways to earn money. Firstly by bringing in new players, and secondly from revenue generated from the site.

Everyone joins Rippln as a “Fan” and can upgrade at some time in the future to a “Player”.

All the reports seem to suggest that the rate of growth is impressive. But at this stage involvement is free. What will be interesting is to see how many people actually upgrade to “Players” when the next phase of the Rippln launch rolls out later in the year.

The Rippln Invite Video gives a pretty good overview and there is a buzz going around all the social media so it is not hard to find out everything that you need to know with regards to the question, what is rippln? I suggest you just keep an eye on what is going on, and if in doubt, start Rippln and see where it takes you…

The Founders of Rippln have credibility and substantial financial resources. I will be watching the progress with much interest and will certainly be doing my share of Rippln’, just in case!

There is certainly potential for Rippln to be a huge success. Membership of the Rippln Inner Circle is by coded invitation only and if you would like a Rippln Invitation Code, there is a request form here on this web page.

Enjoy your Rippln’!

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